S. Vittore/Bellinzona

Nice tipical place (called Grotto) is Stevenoni in San Vittore GR, 7 km north (direction S. Bernardino) from Bellinzona. The chief Paolo Galli (he dont have any Michelin's stars, he is a star him self) is serving you nice plates from the region.

Tell him, I send you there - and may be he buy you an espresso.

Switzerland -

Whenever you're travelling thru Ticino, southern Switzerland, make a stop by Grotto Mulino in Pregassona, close to Lugano. This polenta here is the best you may find allover in the alps. And after the meal, try the Bred Cake (torta di pane) and with a nice coffee the Nocino. But only from THU to SUN and from MAR to DEC.

Bellinzona - Spend a few hours in this tipical local resto, visited by only locals and no tourist. Enjoy genuine kitchen for a few money. Ask for salamino, mortadella, risotto (you may wait 20 min, but DO IT!!!), and finally the nocino with the coffee. Greetings from Giorgio Keller.


If 2005 or today, the Antica Osteria del Porto is still the top destnation in Lugano. Close by Lido di Lugano.


If you are in Liège (Belgium), run to the best italian in town and around town. He is not fare away from town's central place St. Lambert, not more than half a mile. Trattoria da Pino - once and unique.

A few years ago we discovered outside town a restaurant called Ciociara. Forget them. Forget unfriendly and unflexibel italians ("Sorry, we have not 2 places available"). Arrivederci Ciociara, oh no, Addio. For ever, per sempre. Fatevi i C vostri.


2009 December - Roma.
This is a small and nice restaurant in Roma down town, close tp Piazza Cavour. Try as starter the chips and let you drive latzer by the suggestions of the Chef.

The italian restaurant L'Incontro is a nice restaurant situated in Wavre, Belgium, between Brussels and Liège. NOV09

France -

In French capital I had different meeting, among them an important one with our biggest customer in the Grande Nation. It was a good talk because basically he like to continue in 2008 the job we made for him in 2007. Despite of the job, I discovered two nice places to eat. L'atélier Renault is placed at Champs Elysées, before Arc de Triomphe left hand. Good food, the sirloin à point really à point and a nice service by sympatiques parisiennes. Allover around in the restaurant you have plasma screens to watch the Formula 1 Grand Prix. Anothe nice place is Le Paprika, close to Moulin Rouge in the 9th arondissement.

November 2006 - A suggestion too: That's me (on the rîght) during the car show Auto Zurich 2006, managing the press conference about the new Swiss MotoGP Bike Ilmor, together with engineer Mario Illien (l) and frame constructor Eskil Suter. No problem for me to manage this kind of events in 3, 4 or 5 languages. The suggestion is: engage me.

November 2006 - Ohhh my god, not once again! Unbelieveble. After Tokio and Madrid, another time I don't have the right to pass a door. We're on the southest point of continental Europe, La Tarifa in Spain, where an army fortress is dominating the two seas. No access, sorry. Picture by Alexis Garonne.

November 2006 - With our footbal team of SV Vollmond Selection of Switzerland we went ti Gibraltar playing vs. their national team. Here I am before the game with GIB's Captain. The boys (average of 22 years) played very well and beat us ...how much? I dont remember, but a lot. Pcture by Alexis Garonne.
Suggestion: if you like play football, go to Gibraltar.

November 2006 - Our team, the SV Vollmond Selection of Switzerland before the game vs. Gibraltar National team and in front of the Rock of Gibraltar, getting troubles to show his face in the fog. It was a nice esperience, spend a few days in a country like Gibraltar, so fare in the mind, so close to us.

October 2006 - The Geneva Classics was the first "Retro" Car Show in Switzerland on national territory. I saw there many excellent pieces of old cars. This event is to catalogise in the league of Retromobile (Paris) and Techno Classica (Essen). In future, we will have in Zurich my Idea, the ZuriClassics. 2nd to 6th, August 2007. See www.ZuriClassics.ch

October 2006 -Called The Last Kick, Zurich's Football Alernative League FSFV season end festival takes place always middle of october. This year too. I played in the Team George Best, as you see, in a mixed team. One of her, she was beautiful, I mean, she is still beautiful, but wher's'she disappeared? 

September 2006 - Jo Siffert Memorial in Sion. Really nice show even with three cars only at the Migros Metropole in Sion. The former champion from Fribourg had friends allover in Switzerland and the Canton du Valaisl, where Sion is the capital, is always hot about cars and speed.

September 2006 - Begin of September I was visiting the Louis Chevrolet Memorial, which is a traditional Meeting with many old cars yearly at the first weekend of September in La Chaux-de-Fonds in the Swiss Jura Neuchâtelois. Ahead and behind the thinks for my visit in "La Chaux" is the idea of a Road Show thru the country under the Title "Louis Chevrolet Pionnier automobile Suisse", because he was born as a Swiss and went to the US in a very young age to discover the new continent and to start a brillant career as car manifacturer. Since then, more than 10 Millions of Chevrolets were built. Nodoby - or only a few people - know in Switzerland that Louis Chevrolet was "un garçon d'ici", a Swiss boy. Reason enought to do something in memoriam.

August 2006 - Driving to the world record. I am on my way. I already started a travel thru Switzerland with Renault Cars and the goal to drive thru all the 140 Swiss mountain passes. Gottardo, San Bernardino, Buchenegg, Albis and so on. First I will reach a mention in the Guinness Book of Records. Second, I will publish in coming spring a book. I already signed the contract with Reihardt Verlag in Basel. I tell you. It runs. More details about the project under www.schweizer-Pass.com.

July 2006 - Greetings from German Hockenheim, my friends. During the Formula 1 Grand Prix, we had by Interrace a lot of jobs, like a car show along the Fan-Meile, a pit-stop competition, the Légende Jo Siffert show in the Museum and also a Press Meeting with F1-Driver Jarno Trulli and his wines. So, in between, there I have started also the last of my different business activities. The Pizza Corner may be small, but wirft a lot of money ab... you understand me, ehm - Ops, how could I say now oder?

July 2006 - I was visiting the Montreux Grand Prix middle of July, a beautyfull oldtimer race thru the streets of Montreux. like the Montecarlo along the Lake of Geneva, sorry Les Vaudois, Lac Léman of course. During that weekend we had two animations with Pit Stop by Migros Aigle and Migros Forum Montreux. Very successfull, both of them! If you like to see pics about the Montreux GP, look under www.montreuxgrandprix.ch.

Hallo, that's me again, even in a older picture, but I forgot to show it to you before. That's my friend Alexis de la Garonne giving me fuel... fuel? What for a fuel! In facts, we're here southern of Rom by a gasoline station where you could refill you tanks with original and virgin wine. 1 liter for 0,60 Euro, yes, quiet cheaper than the gasoline for the car. Picture captured by Frank "Emery" Nader in July 2005.

July 2006 - Back to serious thinks. As an instructor by a Formula 1 simulator, giving instruction to this beautiful secretary of our french parisien client. Allez la France, allez Les Bleu(et)s.

July 2006 - The motor sport car show "Légende Jo Siffert", my personal kid by Interrace from the project to the realisation, had a fantastic success first half of July at the Shop Ville, Main Station HB Zurich, where 400'000 people daily cross the mall. You see left a tipical Jo Siffert' Fan at his time, from 1960 to 1971.

July 2006 - "Légende Jo Siffert" car show in Zurich was really beautyfull. Many people sent us mails to congratulate for this idea. The show will go on: in September at Metropole Sion, October Stade de Suisse COOP Berne, November by Auto Züri in Zurich.

May 2006 - Who is she? Sorry, I was invited by Toni "The Sister" Romano at this 10 Years Older Party in the Oxa of Zurich Oerlikon, when this fan joined me and the photographer captured this pic. But I dont know her... - Hello, help me. I mean, she's not so bad, why she left without any notice? Did she did'nt appreciate my cravatte?

Motor Show "Legend Jo Siffert" - I am proud to introduce you this particular Motorshow in Memoriam Jo Siffert, the Swiss Formula 1 driver who died in 1971. I had this idea end of 2005, to present this show in Switzerland 2006 and the coming two, three years. As first, the show will take place from May 17th to 31st th "Fribourg Centre" down town Fribourg, opposite to the central station. We have there 4 Siffert's older cars, a Stanguellini 1961, BMW F2 1968 and 1970 and Chevron F2 1971. We are very confident that a lot of people will visit this shows. Few of them will take place this year in Switzerland, the next one middle of July by Rail City in Zurich, the Main train station. 18.05.06.

431 kilomters per hour - This is not a joke, this is pure reality if you take the Bullet Train between Shanghai's Airport Pudong and downtown. In 7 minutes the Bullet drives you for the 30 km between both stations. My former record was around 250 kmh in japanese Shinkanzen. Magnetic band Shanghai's Bullet is a german product of Siemens and Thyssen Krupp.

SHANGHAI - This is Shangai's Skyline in the new part of the city called Pudong. Not bad, not bad at all.

Thursday, MAR02 - Finally I reached my destination in Korea: Yong Pyong. To know what it is, clic directly: www.yongpyong.co.kr. - than you could read everything in korean if you like but also in english if you find - easy job - the english button. What I am doing here, you just may watch left side. Until coming sunday, let stay here. I come into Yong Pyong first time in 1992 when this biggest korean ski station was a nobody number in the great winter sports world. Now, people know Yong Pyong. Hopefully at least 2014 the whole world know Yong Pyong and PyongChang region, who is candidate for Winter Olimpics 2014.

JINY - Hallo Jiny, called Jeanne, and many thanks for our hardly rencontre after three years no seen.... and I hope that we could spend another evening together coming week.

Tuesday, FEB28 - Welcome Korea, welcome Seoul. First of all, visit Suji's Restaurant, probably the best intenational resto in town. The boss here is Suji, tell her greetings from Giorgio and the first drink is offered for sure. Take Subway 6 until Station Noksapyung, Exit 3 upstairs, turn your head until you see many yellow lights. Or phone 02-797 36 98 but early morning, she dont sleep in the night and she is always busy during the day - for reservation.

Monday, FEB 27 = After some turbulence flying over here, now I am in Shangai visiting my old Spezi Sven Gartung and his China Project, www.sportcn.com. Many thanks to Selina for the eccellent Airport Service. May I invite you for Dinner if you have time for?

Sunday, FEB26 - I start my travel via Franfurt to Shangai. My intercontinental debut as a Air China passenger. I just know them from few national flight when I was in China February 1998. Let see... - Anyway, I have my Visa. Not a cheap joke to do a Visa for China in one day. 120 Swiss Francs, 80 Euros. But now I have it, look to the left. And at the top you may discover another very nice print, this one from Montserrat in the Carribean See.

Seoul, Shangai - I am coming!


My sundays in St. Moritz - Having a BMW Sauber Formula 1 car under our tent, I was for three conscutive sundays this February in St. Moritz, where they say about them self, they are The Top of the World! Oh great. Reinhold Messner told me once that he know where is the top of the world and Evelyne Binsack also, she told me about it - somewhere eastern from us, called Everest or so. Anyway. If was the first appereance of the new BMW Sauber Edition 2006.
I also bet some money. Let know in a few days if I won or not.
February 2006.

Week 07/2006 - Retromobilia in Paris - A wonderful exposition about old cars and everything around them. Retromobilia take place every February, gonna see www.retromobilia.fr and reserve the appointment for 2007! Let fly for a weekend to Paris by cheap airfare and enjoy Retromobilia.
Oh yeah. This gave me an idea: www.memorabilia.ch ist the new Mailaddress, which you may follow next.