Let me introduce to you the mystique Villa Sole at the Lage di Lugano, my refigium from the stress in Zurich. If you like to see more about Villa Sole, so, listen, the Villa her self is not so exciting. But if you like to give an eye from our Terrasse, please continue and scroll down the coming four pictures...

Pic 1/4 - The view from the terrasse of Villa Sole. This is the eastern part of Lago di Lugano which is located in Italy on the way to Porlezza. The curch is Ruvigliana's Church San Giorgio. Here also so you see the Kindergarden, where I spent 3 years of my life from 1960 to 1963.

Pic 2/4 -  Our panorama view continues. Ahead the Monte Sighignola in italian territory, down at the see the Grotti di Caprino. They are Swiss and could be reached only by boat.

Pic 3/4 - On the left picture side you have Campione d'Italia, in front the MOnte San Giorgio and the Diga di Melide. Right hand Monte San Salvatore.

Pic 4/4 - Sorry that I need 4 pics to show you my panoramic view from my Villa Sole. Here the last one. Monte San Salvatore on the left and the town of Lugano in the middle, little bit covered by the trees. But despite of the trees, the panorama view is not bad.

Any additional questions ?